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Working Together

“We shape our self
to fit this world

and by the world
are shaped again.

The visible
and the invisible

working together
in common cause,

to produce
the miraculous.”

David Whyte



Workshop Topics

 All workshops involve Circle process, experiental exercises, poetry, discussion and opportunities to dwell in shared silence.

Descent and Return: Based on the Sumerian myth of Inanna and Ereshkighal, we explore the human journey into the great below and discover what allows us to rise again, with vitality. 

Creating Sanctuary: A special opportunity for those dying and their caregivers to uncover and define their resiliencies and resources and the elements that create a space of inner peace and resourcefulness. 

Earth Above, Sky Below: A retreat for professional caregivers that offers a safe and unique space to  reconnect with the healing impulses that led them to become caregivers, and define the elements that sustain them in their work. 




I've got a new fund raising campaign on Go Fund Me, for training hospice volunteers in Northern India...Perhaps you're called to help me make that happen!



 Dip into the crystal waters of naturally flowing artesian hot springs & the flowing world of dreams - Relax in sheltered comfort, stroll to the river, explore pictographs in the hills & witness the rising mist as ancient springs join the waters of the Rio Grande…Most of all, take time to reconnect with the personal & collective world wisdom revealed in your dream life. 

This retreat welcomes those wanting to create or renew their connection to dreamtime’s insights & the rich language of dreams.  Sharing dreams, poetry, wisdom tales and sandtray invites us into intimate conversation with the dreams that visit us, creating a bridge between our dream worlds and waking life, enriching and honoring them both.

                  Fri. April 21th, 6:30 – 8:30pm

Sat. April 22, 10-4 pm & Sun. April 23, 10-3pm

 La Paloma Hot Springs & Spa, Truth or Consequences, NM  

Cost: $200 - includes materials & snacks.

   12 slots! –Register with Rose by April 12 at 505-310-2765

Rooms are separate cost: 


Drinking from the Well that Sustains Us...  A 2 day Retreat at La Paloma Hotsprings in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico...


  As medical technology advance we can come to equate health and healing with a cure; a cure that results in the absence of disease. But healing is a state of wholeness that goes beyond cure.  

 We are whole when we recognize and integrate all of who we are into our sense of identity. When we review our lives and find meaning in the life we have lived. When we experience gratitude and giving and seeking forgiveness.

   We can experience our wholeness at any time of life, including during our end of life journey. Having our wholeness reflected in the way doctors, friends and family interact with us supports our dignity and allows us to live out our days in the ways that we find personally meaningful.

To experience our wholeness is to be healed, regardless of our medically defined situation.

It's up to each of us to bridge the gap that has developed between the science of curing and the art of healing. It's up to each of us to define and sustain a personal quality of life?  And it's up to each of us to allow our grief to be a source of new wisdom.

But we don't have to do that alone.  I would be honored to assist you in bringing forward YOUR INNATE WISDOM to meet the difficult as well as the joyous times of life and strengthen your capacity for engaging with life as it is.  


Drawing on my work in hospice and 30 years of direct experience with families and patients facing life-limiting illnesses I've synthesized a variety of exercises to help you explore your ideas and attitudes about the dying time of life, the meaning it can hold, and ways to navigate those often turbulent waters. 

I'm happy to be your companion as you engage in interactive exercises and practices that offer an opportunity to activate your innate strength and compassion and deepen your capacity to practice the art of healing in the cradle of science. 

As an Educator, Advocate and End of Life Care Practitioner, I am committed to sharing the skills you need to sustainably support quality of life for yourself, your loved ones or your clients and deepen your resilience and compassion.  


What Workshop and Retreat participants say:

 I participated in 2 retreat workshops with Rose. One was called "Compassion and Equanimity". Never before have I felt acutely aware of how much depth there is to these two virtues than when I worked with Rose. She showed me ways in which I could be serene and yet be of help to others and not exhaust or drain myself in the attempt...To keep myself strong and straight. To know ways to be with someone who is dying, or with the families of those who have left us or are about to leave us, is amazing. Now I know it need not be a terrifying experience. Rose has taken the meaning of the word "Empathy" to a different level for me. 

I am grateful to her for shining a light and awakening in us the thirst to know more and more.                                   

 Z. D. Dubai,Educator


 I chose to do the Meeting the Mystery course. After losing my dear father and mother within nine months of each other I felt anxious and so the course was difficult for me at times. But I came away thinking much more about my life. And occasionally I felt a deep sense of peace and more understanding of my suffering. Then something changed in me, I know it was a result of the course. Six months later I took on two challenging efforts involving things I never, ever imagined doing. 

 I succeeded and felt the support of my mom in a special and private way.

 Rose D, Ireland, Educator

********************************************************************************                                                                                                  Rama

I so appreciated the healing I received from Rose and her wisdom. It was a much needed step in my healing journey. Rose provided me with a meditation experience which finally allowed me to come into a deep peace having been in perturbation and pain for 18 months, following my experience of witnessing  terrorist activities and much death in Saudi Arabia.

I am profoundly grateful for our meeting and for what happened for me in just one meeting.   

Andrea A., Dubai, counselor