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Welcome to Restorative Connections. Whether through my work in death and dying, meditation, learning ceremony from gifted teachers, or facilitating Restorative Justice,  my work, practice and personal growth for the last 3 decades has shared a common focus: a commitment to learning how connections can be strengthened and repaired and how a heart that is not broken, but broken-open, can make all the difference in our lives. 

Not long ago I was looking at my Rakasu, a small Zen "bib" made of several pieces of fabric that create a whole; stitched together with hidden stitches.  In sewing a Zen Rakasu, every stitch is a prayer. 


Our lives are like that too.  The fabric of our life is fashioned from experiences and relationships; relationships to people, to animals, to our work and to the natural world.  Relationships built from experiences with our own true nature and our own good heart. 

And its all held together with small hidden stitches that are not visible to others; threads of experience and relationship that are perhaps prayers, or the answer to a prayer.  

Sometimes the threads seem to unravel or the fabric becomes frayed, not merely by the inevitable wear and tear and passing of time, but by conflict, disappointment and loss, by forgetfulness or fear. 

Perhaps there's been conflict with loved ones or disappointment with our larger community. We might have "lost" people or places we loved, or find that we no longer have a sense of global connection.

 Maybe we've lost touch with what used to have meaning, lost our sense of being part of nature,  lost our sense of "belonging" to the world around us, or become disheartened. Maybe we can't seem to find the optimism that once enlivened our days...or the open-hearted love and joy that gave color and texture to our life. 

The unraveling and fraying can seem irreparable.
Whatever conversation you need to have, I'm happy to bring my experience with Council Process, Bearing Witness, Peacemaking Circles and Restorative Approaches to you as ways to invite those conversations and make those needed and restorative connections.

 These processes invite deep listening and create a foundation for re-creating the sense of wholeness, so all involved can move forward with an expanded sense of group wisdom and positive possibilities.  

Truly, we can bring the fabric of our life with all its imperfections and beauty, close to our heart again where it belongs. We can restore the fabric of our life. 

Want to Learn More?

Restorative Approaches: A Path to Peace - A 3 day experiential training for professionals and community people who want to learn the fundamentals of Restorative Principles and put them into practice! 

Bridging the Gap – Learn and practice effective ways of communication to repair misunderstandings, increase understanding and trust and strengthen teamwork and community action. 


Rejuvenation and Renewal – Practice ways to maintain physical & emotional health in your professional life

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