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 " I knew Rose was with me, during one of the most profoundly challenging times of my life. It meant so much to have her support." Lynn N. 

"How can we ever thank you for the calm and accepting presence you brought to us and to Mama. We will never forget it. Renie H.


Individualized Services

Please call for an initial complimentary consultation.

What happens next? After our conversation I can email or send you a selection of individualized services designed to support your journey. You choose what seems to be the best fit for you. 


Welcome to the Circle of Compassionate Care 

 I'm committed to assisting people with terminal or life-threatening illnesses to maintain their dignity, comfort, confidence and quality of life; and to support those who love them.

The Circle of Compassionate Care offers almost 3 decades of education, experience and training in End of Life Care to guide, support and advocate for patients and families as they navigate one of life's most challenging and profound experiences. Because we all suffer at one time or another,  compassionate care is a relationship among equals, devoid of pit and rich with respect dignity and kindness.

Together we can turn towards what is difficult and challenging during this transitional time and bring our full presence to the situation; knowing that our inherent wisdom and caring presence can illuminate the situation, alleviate suffering and make room for gratitude, equanimity and joy to emerge.  

The shift from medical treatment to hospice care is a time of uncertainty. Practical decisions and adjustments need to be made quickly and often create emotional turmoil that adds to the stress and grief of this transitional time. The decision to pursue treatment and seek a cure, while maintaining quality of life, creates its own challenges.

Whether you are moving towards hospice, or seeking additional treatment, my experience & connection to a network of resources can support you & those you love, as you build a Circle of Compassionate Care.

 Advocacy and Education for Patients, Families and Caregivers

 My facilitation skills, training with the National Family Caregivers Association, work in hospice and intensive work with families enables me to offer you:

  • Skilled facilitation of family meetings
  • Assistance before and during meetings with health care professionals
  • Education regarding the elements of the dying process
  • Guidance in Life-Review and the development of Ethical Wills
  • Support in designing gatherings to celebrate the patient's life and unique personality
  • Skilled support in tending the grieving process

Tending Patients and Families:

I bring over 25 years of experience to assist you in creating the optimum environment for both the patient and family; whether your loved one is being cared for at home, in a skilled nursing facility or hospital setting.

Let me support you in: 

  • Defining and maintaining the best possible quality of life 
  • Creating an inviting and supportive environment for the patient, caregivers and visitors
  • Becoming more familiar with the essential elements of healing and the End of Life process
  • Identifying what is needed and who decides
  • Finding approaches to connect with what matters most
  • Getting answers to your questions and concerns about pain control, eating and drinking at end of life 

 Our life is, of course, not separate from our death. Deep in our bones we know that each of us will die. Still there is grieving and awareness of loss. Still there is fear and wonder, awe and surprise. Still there is beauty and struggle, surrender and mystery. Meeting this mystery with courage, open hearted curiosity and sustained presence can be one of the most fruitful and transformative experiences of our life.