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 " I knew Rose was with me, during one of the most profoundly challenging times of my life. It meant so much to have her support." Lynn N. 

"How can we ever thank you for the calm and accepting presence you brought to us and to Mama. We will never forget it. Renie H.


Individualized Services

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          Welcome to the Circle of Compassionate Care 


 "A heart that is not broken, but broken-open, can make all the difference in our lives "

  I have spent my life seeking out stories of how people thrive when "the living aint easy" and how they maintain a sense of "belonging" and even happiness in the midst of difficult situations. Their personal stories, myths and stories from the wisdom traditions and my traditional education and experience have woven with the whispered wisdom of the natural world to carry me into a relationship with death and dying that focuses on the power of presence and the comfort that compassion, ritual and tender care can bring to every moment of our lives and our capacity to love and let go. 

Compassionate care is a relationship among equals. It is rich with respect, dignity and kindness. Together we turn towards what is difficult and challenging during this transitional time and bring our full presence to each moment, knowing that our caring presence can illuminate the situation, alleviate suffering and make room for gratitude, equanimity and joy to emerge.  

Facing Death presents a healing opportunity for those nearing the end of their life and profound and unexpected gifts to those involved in caregiving. It is a time of transformation when old hurts and resentments can receive the balm of kindness and reconciliation. Love can shed the light of peace upon those involved and the heart of "What Truly Matters", can beat loud and clear.  

I am committed to offer you and your family skilled, steady, experienced guidance when your world feels like its unraveling - - weaving the threads of your emotions, concerns and hopes into the tapestry of dying, with respect and care  - so that your part in this profound mystery feels meaningful to you.

I offer you three decades of education, experience and training in End of Life Care to guide and support you and your loved one as you navigate one of life's most challenging and profound experiences. Whether you are moving towards hospice, or seeking additional treatment, I would be honored to use my experience to support you & those you love, as you build a Circle of Compassionate Care.

 Let me support you in: 

  • Tending to your loved one with respect, dignity and a measure of fearlessness
  • Addressing the unique tasks facing those who are dying using experiential, creative means tailored to their personality
  • Creating an inviting and supportive environment for the patient, caregivers and visitors
  • Becoming more familiar with the essential elements of healing and the End of Life process

 Our life is, of course, not separate from our death. Deep in our bones we know that each of us will die. Still there is grieving and awareness of loss. Still there is fear and wonder, awe and surprise. Still there is beauty and struggle, surrender and mystery. Meeting this mystery with courage, open hearted curiosity and sustained presence can be one of the most fruitful and transformative experiences of our life.