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The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion

Who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement,

Who can tolerate not knowing, not curing, not healing

And face with us the reality of our powerlessness-

That is a friend who cares.

                      Henri Nouwen



“Listen and attend with the ear of your heart.”

Saint Benedict



About Rose Gordon - End of Life Care Practitioner, Consultant and Dreamwork Facilitator

I began my work in the arena of death and dying in 1989; during a bedside vigil for a friend who was dying. My experience with my dear friend and her extended family inspired my ongoing commitment to cultivate spiritual and practical skills in the compassionate companionship of individuals moving into the end of their life.

I have learned that we can indeed stand beside those who are dying and those who have life-limiting disease in a way that brings hope, healing and comfort.  Together, we can navigate the emotions, decisions and actions that need tending. 

Our presence, compassion and thoughtful attention can make an essential difference, and enable all involved to move towards peace, ease and a sense of enduring wholeness.

I weave together an approach that uses my special degree in Hospice and Grief Counseling, years of training in counseling modalities, five years as Director and Faculty member for the Being with Dying Project at Upaya Zen Center, over a decade of training hospice volunteers and five years as Spiritual Coordinator for my local hospice into a container that is spacious and flexible.

I fashion a container that can hold you lightly as you navigate this experience. A container that allows your love and wisdom to ring clear and true.

I am inspirited by my years at the bedside of my community members and my recent volunteer time at a hospice in India to create an approach that has also been formed and informed by healers and teachers of many traditions. 

My work in Ceremony is guided and informed by years of experience with indigenous healers. I do not claim to be of their lineage, but their guidance and wisdom continues to inform my life and how I approach death, dying and living. 

I spent several years practicing Dreamwork with Drs. Pat and Larry Sargent and have participated in a Circle of Dreamers in Taos for over 28 years. I learned an "ecologically" respectful approach to dreams with a respect for their wisdom and support of our waking lives. 

I am honored to serve you and offer my skills to foster your personal resiliency as you deepen your capacity to fully engage with the process as both witness and participant.


 Radio shows, Writing and Recorded Presentations:

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"Succoth:Celebrating a Harvest of the Heart", A talk at Unity of Taos, Sept. 2015

Filling Up and Spilling Over: Sweet Nectar and Tonglen, a talk at Unity of Taos, Feb. 2015 

"Attention, Generosity and a Bountiful Life", a talk at Unity Taos, Oct.2015

"Kisagotami; A Journey from Separation to Unity" a talk at Unity of Taos, May 18, 2014

" Love Medicine for Challenging Times", a talk at Unity of Taos,   March 23, 2014  

  "Watering the Seeds of Life" a talk at Unity of Taos, December 1, 2013

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